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The tile floors that you see featured are all of belgian oringin and date mainly from the Art Nouveau period of 1870-1914. Our tile floors have been faithfully reassembled as found in situ in their original installations. The patterns and disingns seen here are no imitations or reproductions. They are the real thing : authentic antique tiles of the highest quality and beauty, from the legendary glory days of Belgium tile production from the late nineteenth century to the beginning of the first World War.

Our tiles were produced by hand. Tiles of the same pattern may not be precisely identical becaise of the complex design and manufacturing processes involved. However these individual quantities enhance the hand-crafted appeal of the complete floor patterns.

The encaustic process employed in their creation has rendered these tiles extremely durable and long lived. After our careful cleaning process, these encaustic tiles look substantially the same today as thay looked a century ago when thay were originally created and installed, witout any artificial enhancenments. The reason for the longevity and continued beauty and brightness of these tiles is the encaustic process itself, one of inlaid color rather than applied color, which places the complex patterns of the individual clay to a depth of up to 3/8 inches into the very body of the tile before firing, asopposed to other tile manufacturing processes which apply colors and patterns on the surface of the tile after firing or between firings

Because of the depth and durability of the encaustic process, these antique tiles will survive yet another century of service, adding rare charm, intricate beauty , and lasting value to their new environments.